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   “A bewitching tale of magic, mystery, and friendships new and old, THE LAST RHEE WITCH is a book that readers won’t soon forget.”

Tracy Badua, award-winning author of Freddie vs. the Family Curse

"Rich in Korean mythology and suspense; will keep readers guessing."

-Kirkus Reviews

For fans of The Last Fallen Star, Witchlings, and Ghost Squad, a heartfelt middle grade debut where Korean folklore is all too real and summer camp includes a gwishin haunting.

You couldn’t hold onto everything and everyone. You had to choose. And Ronnie only had two hands.

Since her mother died when she was five years old, it’s always just been Ronnie Miller and her dad. Two Korean Americans who, thanks to Ronnie’s dad’s adoption by white parents, have never felt all that Korean. But Ronnie is okay with that—as long as she has her dad and her best friend Jack, Ronnie is 99% certain she can get through anything.

But as much as she wants everything to stay the same, the world—and her dad—has other plans. Now, Ronnie and Jack are headed away to sleepaway camp for the first time ever. Camp Foster promises all of the outdoorsy activities that Ronnie has so far managed to avoid: ropes courses, scavenger hunts, kayaking on the lake. Ugh. But she can do this. As long as she has Jack.

As it turns out, an old manor in the woods is the kind of place that’s crawling with secrets. Secrets like a mysterious gwishin haunting the grounds, a blood-red scarf wrapped too tightly around her ghostly neck. And a witch-hunting dokkaebi intent on finding and silencing the last Rhee witch. And the strange habit all the counselors have of rhyming when they speak . . . just like Ronnie has begun to do lately.

For a girl who wants everything to stay the same, nothing is scarier than all the changes Camp Foster brings. New friends. New foes. Souls with unfinished business. And, possibly worst of all, revelations that disprove everything Ronnie knew to be true.

   “A tale of friendship, family, and finding faith in the 1%. I couldn't put the book down, and was rhyming spells long after the last page was turned. With its satisfying and hopeful ending, The Last Rhee Witch was utterly bewitching!”


Graci Kim, New York Times best-selling author of the Gifted Clans trilogy


is the perfect mix of the thrill of a ghost story told around a crackling fire and sweet s’mores full of heart. I instantly devoured this perfect eerie tale!”


— Julie Abe, author of the Eva Evergreen and Tessa Miyata series

"Lee-Yun writes a magically engaging book about identity and the power of friendship and chosen family."


"Readers will enjoy this spooky middle grade mystery featuring an endearing cast of characters."

-School Library Journal

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The Last Rhee Witch

May 14,2024

Hello from Camp Foster!

I can't wait to officially welcome you to camp on May 14, 2024! In the meantime, you can pre-order The Last Rhee Witch from anywhere books are sold! Here are some links:

Jenna Lee-Yun

If you pre-ordered The Last Rhee Witch, please fill out this form to receive the thank-you gifts (while supplies last)!

Jenna Lee-Yun


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